Paul Rand Book Design

Turning a Paul Rand article into a small book

Project Overview

This project explored layout and spread designs in order to design a book for Paul Rand’s article, “Design and the Play Instinct.” My design played with red as a spot color, as well as bold typography that is complemented by several motifs with geometric shapes and lines.

Spring 2019 (10 weeks)
Adobe InDesign,
Adobe Illustrator
Small binded book

Where it all began...

My introduction to design was in my high school yearbook class in which I experiment a lot with Photoshop and InDesign. I came into the class as a copy writer as a sophomore and eventually made my way up to become the design editor by the time I was a senior in high school. I had a good foundation with InDesign before taking this typography class, and was eager to be able to design something in a multi-page format in which I had a lot of room to play with.

This project was not my first time working on a book that would be printed, so I think my print background helped me navigate this project much easier.


My book was inspired by David Carlson's book, Make Design Matter, which is a red pocket-sized book that is full of helpful tips and design principles. I enjoyed the use of a red spot color throughout the book, as well as full-page bleeds and used that as direct inspiration for my book.

I used long, thin rectangles as a motif, as well as played with the scale of typography in order to create an interesting visual effect. One of my favorite spreads in the book is the content pages, as I felt like the contrast between the large font on the left side with the smaller page numbers on the right side provided an interesting juxtaposition. The page is bold, but not too overwhelming as it is balanced by the smaller text on the opposite side.

The Finished Product

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